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Start your adventure and fight your way to the top of all the warriors of the world. Collect Bounties against creatures and build yourself as the greatest bounty hunter to ever exist.


I noticed something when I factory reset my phone yesterday, the standard browser did not work with the game.

So just putting it out there, the plans for compatibility are:

Desktop support will be Chrome and Firefox, these browsers have had no issue with versions released in the past 2 years. Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera should work but not guaranteeing it. Old versions of browsers will most likely not work, the game has been tested on IE8 and seems to work fine.

Mobile support will vary based on your operating system but the game works fine on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Main support will of course be Chrome and Firefox. Windows Phone browser works alright as well.

My advice would be keep your browsers and apps up to date, if the game has problems on your company computer, all I can say is that is your place of work not gaming.

Elder Gods

The Elder Gods have made their presence known, they are hidden away somewhere in the world. They have shown a great interest in Relics. They have been known to infuse great power into Relics for a price.

The Training Camp has grown in size and have relocated to Central instead of Honeygarde

Upgrades to Rebirth Centre

You are now able to check your proficiencies at The Rebirth Centre as their professors figured out a way to look deep inside of your mind.

The cost to check them is 10,000 + (500*level)


Professors have been hard at work and have came up with a method of changing the race you chose. No longer will you be stuck as a single race forever.

Head over to The Rebirth Centre and see what the professors can do for you!

You can find your nearest Rebirth Centre in The Training Camp by the Stables.

Combat Journal

Combat Journal is now available in the side panel, I have also fixed armor proficiencies as well as the chance to gain multiple proficiencies in 1 round of combat. 

Last Updated: 25th September 2016