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Start Your Adventure

Start your adventure and fight your way to the top of all the warriors of the world. Customise your character by completing stories to unlock unique talents which will help you on your way. Collect Bounties against creatures and build yourself as the greatest bounty hunter to ever exist.

Bug Fixes and Items

Battle Freeze Bug fixed! Gotta remember to always do proper bug testing... Always get hit by a monster to ensure changes work as expected!

You may have noticed their is a few extra item slots in your inventory, these are for defensive purposes and one currently cosmetic.

Head, Hands and Legs give 20% of the item base in defence. i.e. Defence 25 Helmet would give +5 Defence Rating. 

This is how shields work as well.

New Beginning

There has been a lot of changes to the game to make it a lot more streamlined and to help people get on their feet, a new zone has been added.;

You will start in the Training Camp in Honeygarde, here you will learn the basics to get you started on your adventures.

Story Rewards

You can now receive a selection of new rewards from stories... The list below will show you what you can now receive.

  • Talents
  • Gold
  • Experience
  • Levels
  • Talent Points
  • Increase to All Stats
  • Increase to Might
  • Increase to Agility
  • Increase to Concentration
  • Increase to Constitution
  • Increase to Speed
  • Increase to Spirit
  • Increase to Health
  • Story Items (Used for purchasing Unique Items)
Bug Fixes

I have been tweaking quite a bit of stuff lately, causing a few bugs but it looks like I have managed to squash them all.

Random encounters have been lowered as well, the script needs to be tweaked to handle them in a better way. They should be ready shortly.

Story Items

Story Items can now be found with additional quantity, they can be found in chests and from monsters involved in a story.

Story Items have also been added to the Stories as a reward, not sure if they will be used as rewards but at least the option is there if we decided to use them :))